PME™ Series Filter Cartridges

“Absolute” Rated Economical Pleated Filter Cartridges

For cost driven applications, choose the PME Series to deliver absolute
efficiency in a broad range of particle sizes. This all polypropylene filter
is suitable for a wide range of applications and carries all the needed
industry certifications to satisfy most critical requirements. In addition,
the slightly smaller diameter ensures easy retrofit in installed housings
designed to accept depth filters. The pleated construction provides high
dirt holding capability and low pressure drops.


  • Micron ratings from 0.2 to 50 μm – Broad application range
  • 2.55″ diameter to fit installed housings with ease
  • “Absolute” Efficiency – Rated at 99.98% (Beta 5000)
  • Optimized surface area – High dirt holding for long service life
  • Fixed pore structure – Eliminates dirt unloading at maximum
    differential pressure
  • Polypropylene Construction – Inert to many process fluids
  • Various Gasket/O-Ring materials – Compatible with a variety of fluids
  • Manufactured in continuous lengths up to 40 inches