Filtration Bags NZ

Bag filtration is often adopted in similar applications to cartridge filters; however major advantage can be achieved where high volume, high viscosity filtration is required.

Features of bag filtration:

  • The achievement of high flow rates in a filter housing just a fraction of the size of a cartridge vessel, thus reducing initial capital expenditure and space.
  • A reduced consumables cost pro rata to the contaminants removed.
  • A vast range of filter bag capability (from 1 to 800 microns)
  • Simple and quick change-out, reducing expense and potential downtime.

Although not as accurate at removal of particulate, when bag filtration is correctly specified it is can provide an exceptionally low cost and convenient solution.

Liquid Filter Bag Manufacturers

ProFilt supply a comprehensive range of liquid filter bags to suit most vessel housings. These come in four standard sizes with either nominal or absolute micron ratings. We also manufacture locally and can provide custom made product where required.

Material options include:

  • Polypropylene – Felt or Monofilament
  • Polyester – Felt, Monofilament or Multifilament
  • Nylon (nmo) – Felt, Monofilament or Multifilament
  • Felt Bags – Felt is a low-cost disposable media that provides depth-filtration qualities and a high loading capacity. Felt Bags are available in polyester, polypropylene and nylon and can be glazed or singed on the outer area to minimize fiber migration. Felt bags are available in micron ratings from 1 to 200.
  • Monofilament Mesh Bags – Monofilament Mesh is an extremely tough material with precise weaving to ensure consistent pore sizes. It is usually supplied in a nylon material and is suitable for reusing. Monofilament Mesh Bags are available in micron ratings from 1 to 1200 microns.
  • Multifilament Mesh Bags – Multifilament Mesh is a low cost, disposable filter media. Multifilament mesh is available in polyester and nylon. Multifilament Mesh Bags are available in micron ratings from 75 to 1500 microns.

ProFilt also supply high performance filters bags including the POMF series

The Polymicro microfiber filter bag (POMF) provides outstanding performance for applications requiring higher filtration efficiency. The POMF contains three layers: a pre-filtering layer that removes coarse debris; the primary layer, composed of micropores (for efficient particle retention); and an outer cover that prevents fiber migration. The finish-free fibers are non-foaming, which is ideal for food, beverage, water, chemical and coating applications.

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