Filter Belts NZ


Our rubber inflatable seals are the ideal product for a variety of applications, where sealing two surfaces that move in relationship to each other is required. By introducing a medium such as air or fluid, a rubber seal will begin to expand at a specified rate until a determined size of inflation is achieved.

The beauty of the inflatable seal comes from its ease of use. The seal will only inflate when you want or need it to. This ensures that the seal does not suffer from the premature loss of compression set. Once you release the pressure from the seal the silicone rubber will return to its original shape without fear or warping or deteriorating. Inflating and deflate the seals is simple and, in most cases, can be done in a few seconds.

PROFILT holds stock of common sizes and can manufacture custom made seals where required.


We manufacture all of our rubber inflatable seals from a high quality silicone compound due to the unique features the material offers. Silicone features a wide functioning temperature range which enables it to provide the same level of sealing in almost any environment. Silicone also offers excellent resistant to both Ozone and UV deterioration which make it ideal for use in both interior and exterior applications.


Silicone Weighing bellows are a molded flexible connection in transparent FDA silicone rubber (also available in black conductive silicone rubber). This silicone bellow is very flexible and thin, and it is specially designed for the use in weight systems. bellows have a low axial and lateral force, so it does not affect the weighing process.

  • Transparent Silicone Rubber
  • Temperature -40 to + 200 degrees C
  • Air and Powder Tight
  • Flexible Sleeves for Easy Fitting
  • FDA Certificate / Compliance
  • Sizes: available from 3 inch to 14 inch