Beverage Filteration

Beverage Filtration Solutions

At ProFilt, we have the beverage filtration solution you are looking for. We offer a wide range of standard products that are suitable for the vast majority of applications. This includes wine filtration, beer filtration, and dairy filtration applications, as well as applications in other parts of the beverage industry.

In addition, we have in-house manufacturing capabilities if you need a customised filtration solution.

All our products come with FDA certifications and they are halal compliant. In addition to the products we manufacture ourselves, we also supply beverage filtration solutions from the world’s leading brands.

This ensures you get maximum performance for the lowest possible cost.

As leaders in the supply of beverage filtration products, the members of our team are all highly knowledgeable so can give you expert advice on the right solution for your requirements.

To find out more, and to get a quote for a beverage filtration solution, please contact us today.

Beverage Filtration Solutions – Filtration Bags

Does your beverage manufacturing facility need a filtration solution suitable for high viscosity and/or high-volume applications? Bag filtration could be themost cost-effective, regulatory compliant, and high performing solution.

The benefits of our filtration bags include:

  • Filtration bags require a much smaller filter housing compared to filtration cartridges
  • Filtration bags are also lower cost than the alternative options
  • They are fast and easy to change, reducing downtime in your manufacturing operations
  • All our filtration bags are FDA approved

We manufacture and supply filter bags suitable for the vast majority of vessel housings used in the beverage industry. Where we don’t have a stock item that suits your requirements, we can design and manufacture a custom product.

There are four standard sizes of filtration bag available in our range, with nominal or absolute micron rating options.

The material options for our filtration bags include:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

In addition, our filtration bags can be felt, monofilament mesh, or multifilament mesh depending on your requirements

We also offer high-performance microfibre bags if you need high filtration efficiency.

Furthermore, we have filter bags available from one up to 800 microns.

Beverage Filtration Solutions – Filter Cartridges

If you need a beverage filtration solution that is more accurate at removing particulates than bag filtration, filter cartridges are your best option.

We have a wide range of filter cartridges in stock in addition to in-house manufacturing capabilities if you require a customised solution.

Our standard sizes are available from 10″ to 60″ and the options include:

  • Nominal cartridges
  • High flow cartridges
  • Lenticular cartridges
  • PP micron rated cartridges
  • PES micron rated cartridges
  • Melt blown depth filters
  • Resin-bonded filters
  • Micro-fiberglass pleated cartridges
  • Polypropylene pleated cartridges
  • Membrane filters with a PTFE membrane
  • Membrane filters with a polyether sulfone membrane

Ordering Beverage Filtration Solutions from ProFilt

We make the process of ordering beverage filtration solutions as quick and effective as possible. Our team can help ensure you select the correct filtration solution for your needs, plus we supply in any quantity, anywhere in the country.

To get a free, no-obligation quote for a beverage filtration solution that meets your requirements, please contact us today on 09 390 5645.