Midge Screen Solutions

If you need a midge or insect screen solution, you’ll find a suitable option in our range of products at ProFilt.

We are well known in the New Zealand filtration industry, manufacturing and supplying high-performing filtration solutions to companies in the food, beverage, and chemical manufacturing industries, among others.

We also use our skills and expertise in this area to develop other products based on the same principles as our filtration solutions. One of those products is our midge screens.

We have a number of size and configuration options available, with products for both doors and windows. In addition, we supply to both residential and commercial customers.

We also supply midge screens to customers who need insect-free manufacturing or operating environments. Our insect screens help to prevent contamination, ensure product quality, achieve regulatory compliance, and more.

Our customers also include building material suppliers, builders, and others in the trade who regularly need to supply their customers with high-quality, attractive, and affordable midge screen products.

To speak to a member of our team about your midge screen requirements, please call us today.

The Best Range of Insect Screens in New Zealand

You can browse our range of standard midge screens here on our website. Each of the products is available for immediate ordering and fast delivery.

We also offer custom midge screens as we have our own in-house manufacturing capabilities here at ProFilt. Whether you require a certain level of performance, you need your midge screen to be manufactured with a specific material or level of finish, or you have any other requirement, we can help.

In summary, our service is completely flexible, and our goal is to supply you with the best possible insect screen for your needs.

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Insect screens made from high-quality materials either in-house or by leading manufacturers in the industry
  • Midge screen solutions that are not only effective and practical, but that also look fantastic
  • Insect screens suitable for a wide range of applications from residential properties to businesses to organisations that need to create controlled environments
  • Friendly and knowledgeable team who will answer your queries and help in whatever way they can
  • Fast turnaround on all orders whether you select one of our standard midge screen products or you get a customised solution
  • Excellent customer service before and after you make a purchase
  • Competitive prices

Insect Screen Products from the NZ Experts in Filtration

At ProFilt, we supply industry-leading liquid, air, dust, and industrial filtration solutions, mainly to industry, Therefore, we have considerable knowledge in the filtration field.

While midge screens don’t perform the same tasks as liquid or air filtration solutions, there are similarities. Put simply, our midge screens will keep the insects out while letting air in.

In other words, when you come to us, you can expect the best insect screen solutions in the country, backed up by our expertise in this field.

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We supply midge screens in any quantity, with quality workmanship guaranteed. To get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today by calling 09 390 5645.