Pocket Bag Filters

Pocket Bag Filters

At ProFilt, we have a wide range of pocket bag filters that will keep the air in your location dust free. The options available include F7 filters, F8 filters, F9 filters, and more. All the products we sell come from leading brands in the industry – brands that have excellent reputations for their performance and quality.

Our range includes pocket bag filters suitable for several different dust loading applications. This includes HVAC applications, particularly in the food and beverage manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, our products are suitable for removing a wide range of contaminants including bacteria, smoke, fumes, fungi, and more

Plus, when you purchase your pocket bag filters from us at ProFilt, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of our friendly and helpful team.

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Features of Our Pocket Bag Filters

The pocket bag filters that we supply here at ProFilt remove significant quantities of dust from the air, leaving a cleaner, contaminant-free, and healthier environment.

The main options we have available include:

  • F7 pocket bag filters
  • F8 pocket bag filters
  • F9 pocket bag filters

Each of the products in our range contains multiple rigid pockets. This design ensures the dust collected by the filter is dispersed evenly through each of the pockets.The result is a pocket bag filter that offers maximum dust holding capacity.

Our products are available with either a plastic or stainless-steel frame depending on your requirements. The stainless-steel option obviously delivers greater levels of stability and rigidity while the plastic option is lower cost.

The pocket bag filters that we offer are also moisture resistant, plus they are antimicrobial so are resistant to the growth of mould and mildew. This reduces risks and also ensures the filters are suitable for use in locations like food production facilities and hospitals.

Furthermore, all our pocket bag filters are ultrasonically sealed to deliver better performance than products that are sewn. The ultrasonic sealing process also creates a much better seal that is resistant to being burst open.

Long-Lasting and Durable

All the above features of our pocket bag filters ensure they stand the test of time, whatever the conditions. For example, they are strong enoughto handle turbulent flows of air without ripping or tearing, plus they have a high dust holding capacity.

They also deliver excellent standards of performance, including in relation to the flow of air – with our pocket bag filters, there is minimal resistance to this flow.

The design of our filters also ensures they deliverconsistent levels of performance throughout their usable life. This consistency remains whether the filter is clean, dirty, or has just been discharged.

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Whatever your requirements for pocket bag filters, we can help at ProFilt. We have extensive experience in the industry and a highly knowledgeable and skilled team. We keep our prices affordable too. So, whether you have a query, or you want to get a free quote, please contact us today on 09 390 5645.